North American Perspectives on 248

Some of you know that 248 is a Global Network of Jewish Doers. 18 months into our journey, we’re happy to share our partners’ North American perspectives on the 248 experience.
We’ve had many meetings and many questions were asked… so we’re happy to let our partners from Minneapolis and Cleveland federations answer:

  • What’s in it for Federations?

  • What’s in it for the young Jewish adults who have joined?

  • How do we employ current understandings about generation Y and millennials in order to bridge the gap between them and the Jewish establishment?

  •  What causes our participants to step up and step in, first as program participants and then as network members?

  • What are we excited about, and what are we still trying to figure out?

Watch the recording below to hear from our Federation partners who have taken the leap of faith and are playing an active role in imagining, and in weaving, the 248 network.

Video recording


Audio only

Slides can be found here

Thank you Eilat, Tal & Charley for leading the call and being such amazing partners!

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Lionel Mitelpunkt