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248 is a media abundant program, these are the types of media we mostly use to engage and bring the most relevant content to you.


Video has been a major force ever since it was first introduced as the moving picture in 1878.

Today we see video everywhere from TV to YouTube to "stories" and Facebook live. 

We mainly use this for our speaker series and for storytelling from your local hubs.

Zoom Calls

Our online Face to Face platform.

Every other week we will open our online meetings space in our Zoom Zone (Tuesday's 5pm-9pm Israel Time)

Click here to join the room - http://zoom.us/j/2482482017

We Zoom!


Are the slides going to be shared with us after the session?


Whenever slides or presentations will be shared we will post them here for you to go back to them if you feel you want to.


Doers by name. Doers by reputation.

Check out the things ya'll are doing and that are easy to share in this website format. 




This is 248 Year 1

248 Vision explained

248 The Global Network of Jewish Doers


Welcome to the 248 program!

Why 248? Avraham Infeld


Jews don't have history, they have memory!



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