Big Issues of the Jewish People: The Shrinking Middle

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Big Issues of the Jewish People:
The Shrinking Middle

Hour 1: A Live Video Session with Steven Cohen

As Doers, we’re often busy with the near future: next week, next month, next quarter.

This week we invite you to “zoom out” and explore a long-term view. What will the Jewish People look like one decade or one generation down the road?

We’ll explore this question first regarding Jews in North America, with help from our special guest, Professor Steven Cohen.
Looking forward to seeing you on our Zoom call on Monday Oct. 30 at 8 pm (Israel time)

Hour 2: Expanding the Conversation and Looking Ahead

If you find this topic engaging, we encourage you to go deeper by exploring the article (here) and/or by sharing your insights with someone else in your community (a family member or friend). Here are some questions you might want to address / respond to:

  • What do you think and feel about “the shrinking middle” phenomenon?
  • Do we care?
  • Should we care?
  • Can we see connections between this long term trend and any community building efforts we are busy with?
  • What do you think about Steve’s recommendations for action? Do you have any other ideas?
  • Is the idea of a “shrinking middle” applicable to your community?  
  • Is the idea of a “shrinking middle” applicable to Israeli society? If so, how? 

 Looking Ahead

Later this week we commemorate 100 years to the Balfour Declaration. How do we remember this event? How is it portrayed, if at all, in Jewish media, in Israeli media, and in your community? We invite you to follow media references to this event in preparation for next week’s 248 exploration concerning Jewish Memory.

Looking forward to your insights on Ryver!


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November 12, 2017

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