Keeping It Together

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Keeping It Together

Let's take a look at a Jewish Community Building Initiative that has gone Global.

Keeping It Together/The Shabbat Project

This project is and excellent place to start because it is a simple idea that is still young (growing and evolving), it has gone global rapidly, and we can all easily connect to it.

Did you catch the double meaning of Keeping It Together?"

We invite you to explore "Keeping it Together" in two ways:

Hour 1: A Web Exploration

Hour 2: People-Based Exploration - An Interview

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Hour 1/Part 1Your Shabbat

Please share on Ryver (comment on the two questions below under this post):

1. What does Shabbat mean to you?

2. What does your Shabbat look like?

Hour 1/Part 2: Web Exploration of Keeping It Together/The Shabbat Project

Explore the initiative Keeping it Together/The Shabbat Project online, then share any questions that came to your mind on Ryver


Hour 2: People-Based Exploration - An Interview

For the people-based interview exploration please find someone in your local community who is or was involved in leading or implementing the initiative locally. If the initiative hasn't reached your community yet, you can interview someone in another community (near or far).

This can be an opportunity to use your personal network map discussed in Session #2. (click here to get to Ryver Session #2 - Personal maps)

Through the interview try to understand:

  1. What motivated them to join the Shabbat Project?
  2. What caused them to stay? And if they were among the organizers...
  3. What did they learn about Doing Together (collaborating)?

Feel free to add any questions you are curious about.

We would be grateful if you could document the interview through a video or audio recording, pictures and/or notes you took so others can learn from your encounter.

You can post any notes, pictures, videos and audio recordings of the interview as a comment under this post on Ryver.


*BONUS* Activity!

Tell us on Ryver (as a comment under this post): 

Is Keeping It Together/The Shabbat Project happening in your community? 

If so, we'd like to encourage you to participate, listen, experience and share with us anything you've learned about the initiative. 


Great Book

The Sabbath: Its Meaning for Modern Man, by Abraham Joshua Heschel

Great Article

Shabbat as a Sanctuary in Time by Abraham Joshua Heschel