“We Jews are not about history, we are about memory.”

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Doing Jewish - Being Jewish

“We Jews are not about history, we are about memory.”

- Avraham Infeld

Shalom Doers! The weeks have flown by and we are already at #10. 

Ten is a very significant number in Jewish tradition - the ten commandments, the ten plagues of Egypt, and the number of people needed for a Minyan.
What is the significance of a Minyan? Jews don't act, do or remember alone. We are constantly asked to be part of a group, a community. When Avraham Infeld argues that we are not about history, but about memory, he is talking aboutcollective memory

This week we are inviting you to explore both Memory and Minyan.

Click on Avraham's image below to watch, "emory - there is no such thing as Jewish history." 


Hour 1: This Week in Jewish Memory

This week we Jews are commemorating three events:

  • 100 years since the Balfour Declaration (Nov. 2, 1917)
  • 22nd Memorial Day for Yitzhak Rabin (12th Cheshvan / Nov. 4)
  • and the 79th anniversary of Kristallnacht (Nov. 9-10)

First, click below to watch Lionel's intro "inyan of Inyan" (Minyan of Interest)


Secondly, please share on Ryver:

  • How you connect (if at all) to each of these events?
  • How do you remember them?
  • How are/were these events addressed (if at all) in your local community?
  • Do you agree with Avraham Infeld's saying?
  • What, in your opinion, is the difference between memory and history? 

Hour 2: Minyan of Inyan (עניין)

Week #10 in our program is half way to our Israthon week!

We invite you to begin thinking of your Inyan (Interest), in regards to your potential Doing in 248.

  • What issue, subject or need drives you?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What makes you want to learn and do more?

Once you define your Inyan (Interest), please build your Fantasy Minyan:

  • Which 9 people (alive, dead, real or imaginary) would you like to sit down with and share your interest?
  • With whom would you like to brainstorm your passion?

Be sure to share your Inyan and Fantasy Minyan on Ryver.

And finally, please Network: Look for other cohort member’s Minyanim, maybe you would like to join one or more of them..


Great Music

Mati Caspi: לא טוב היות האדם לבדו

Great Reading / Watching

The Search for Ten Good Men and Women: 
A rabbi reflects on why American Jews need the minyan now more than ever.
By Leon A. Morris, May 24, 2011

(Inspired by: Kaddish for Uncle Manny, Northern Exposure, Season 4 Episode 22)


From Kaddish for Uncle Mannie, Northern Exposure: Joel initially explains, “You need nine guys on a field to play baseball and 10 Jews in a room to say Kaddish.” So, the entire town of non-Jewish residents embarks on a mission to find nine other Jews to enable Joel to say Kaddish for his uncle. A successful businessman offers to fly them in and provide a stipend; the local innkeepers agree to provide accommodations; and the radio station launches a PR campaign. One by one, the residents of Cicily, Alaska track down random Jews from across the state.