Jewish Tribe: Tents, Tribes & Tables

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Doing Jewish - Being Jewish

Jewish Tribe:
Tents, Tribes & Tables

Part of the holiday of Sukkot is the Usphizin ("Guests" in Aramaic) as our Jewish people have many different people who together form a wide variety of like-minded communities we wish to learn more about the approach to the Jewish people as a tribe.

Are we still “A tribe” or are we “A tribe of tribes”?


Many have tried to define us Jews and we remain with the question of...

Who are the Jews? Who is Jewish?
What is being Jewish?

We #curated 5 pieces of content that symbolize different views on the Jewish Collective using Recap, a platform which allows educators to curate learning journeys for their students.

Asking "Who are we?" creates curiosity and leads to quality learning.

Hour 1: Get Setup on Recap - Watch & Respond to "Are Jews a Tribe?"

To begin follow these instructions:

STEP 1: 

1) Click HERE to get to Recap
2) Sign up or use your google account to sign up
3) Enter our Join Pin: OBVLSDQ

After these steps you're in our class "248nikim"
which should look like this:



  1. Click on "Are jews a tribe?"
  2. Explore the materials
  3. Ask a question about this topic on RYVER in our Session 5 Group (for Ryver click here) or on RECAP

The Recap questions will be shared on Ryver for you.


 Hour 2: Who belongs in my Sukkah?

Now that we learned about the different types of people who form our tribe and some reasons why are people identify themselves as Jews.
We ask that you take a few moments to think of
who could end up visiting your Sukkah?

Here are some example questions...

  • Is everyone invited?
  • What happens if someone who isn’t from your tribe comes in?
  • How will you make sure they feel welcomed as your “Ushpizin”?
  • How will you make sure they are good guests at the space you created?

This week we ask you to ask questions whether it is in regards to the tribe or to your doing we encourage you to engage by asking questions.

Go on Ryver at least twice this week and don't leave unless you have asked a question.

One should be in this week's Ryver related to our topics and the other should be a reply or comment to something someone else has posted on our Ryver's.

** If someone asks you something be kind and respond **