Placemaking & The Sukkah Jam Challenge

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Doing Jewish - Being Jewish

The Sukkah Jam Challenge


Over sessions #3-6, we are inviting you to imagine, implement and document a unique people-centered experience in a Sukkah in your community.

Placemaking, Curating and Hosting

Community Building in its most basic sense involves bringing people together. Where and when we choose to bring people together may not matter, but more often than not, they will provide important context for the meeting, and will often be critical for the meeting’s success.

Click Here to watch a short explanation video of our Sukkah Jam Challenge

Over the coming three weeks, we will offer inspiration for the Sukkah Jam through three mindsets related to Doing and to creation: Placemaking (session #3), Curation (session #4), and Hosting (session #5). Your sukkah experience will hopefully be a creative representation of these mindsets.

One more thing:
We’re planning this Sukkah Jam as a competition between our 4 Partnership teams. The team with the best plan (to be submitted by Tuesday, Sept 26) will receive additional resources to record and document the actual Sukkah Jam event).

Podcast Interview with Jodi Lox Mansbach

Placemaking is a people-centered approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. It involves looking at, listening to, and asking questions of the people who live, work and play in a particular space, to discover their needs and aspirations.
Placemaking may lead / require you to set up a Sukkah of your own unique design; alternatively, you may want to use an existing Sukkah and focus on designing a unique activity within it. Click here to learn more about Jodi

Explore Placemaking through the Sukkah City project

Sukkah City was an Architectural design competition and work of installation art planned in partnership with the Union Square Partnership for New York City's Union Square Park in September 2010.

This week by the Ryver...


Share your thoughts on Placemaking: What is it in your own words? What did you learn from the Sukkah City project? Don’t forget to share your Network Map from session #2!


Shana Tova!

From all of us @ 248HQ & Partnership2Gether