Welcome to Glocal Peoplehood

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Doing Jewish - Being Jewish

We're super excited to have launched our 248 Community Action Network with everyone.

Thank you all for a great launch!


Welcome to Glocal Peoplehood

Hour 1: Cohort Zoom Call

Hour 2: Solo Network Mapping Exercise

Session 2: Supporting Materials

Session 2 - Welcome to 'Glocal Peoplehood'

Why 248? 

Avraham Infeld Provides an Answer. 

As we aspire to build a thriving and resilient network of Jewish Doers, it's important to establish a common language and framework regarding our definition of network.

We use our 'Glocal' perspective to connect between our view of our Am (Global Jewish Nation) and our Kehila (Local Jewish Community).

Avraham Infeld, the great Jewish Doer and Educator shares with us some of his insights on Jewish people and Jewish doing. 


Hour 1: Avraham Infeld Videos

We'll divide into 4 Zoom Breakout Rooms where each group will watch 1 of 4 videos made specifically for 248 by Avraham. In these videos he shares with us his view on the Jewish people around the world and why he agrees that Being Jewish is Doing Jewish.

The Four Video Topics are:

  • To be a Jew Today
  • We will Do | נַעֲשָׂה
  • Doing with Others | Doing2Gether
  • Roles of a Jewish Doer

Hour 2: Community / Network Mapping


In this activity we’ll map out our personal networks; consider how these networks reflect on us as doers, how they have helped us in the past, and how we might leverage them in the future.

Network mapping enables us to look at our network at a glance.

is a powerful data visualization platform that helps you organize complex information into interactive relationship maps or as they say "Make sense of your messy world," -- a valuable tool for community and network doers.

Go to https://kumu.io/tour for an explanation on how to use this recommended tool. If you find Kumu unfriendly, overwhelming, or too complicated, you’re welcome to sketch out your personal network using pen and paper, then take a picture of it and upload it to Ryver using Ryver’s “share” function.

Questions? If you have any questions please post them in our Session 2 - Cohort 1 Ryver private team.

Please share and save your final Network Map, we will use it later this year in our Doing.

How can you create linkages among your connections to strengthen your network?

This week by the Ryver...


What can you learn about yourself from this map?

How can you make use of it?

Don't forget to share your Network Map!


Good Music

Blackbird by The Beatles

Great read

Originals by Adam Grant

Quote Of The Week: 

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” - Albert Einstein

Thank you for your 'launch week' feedback!

Recurring patterns included: "We are excited, I feel confused, I am overwhelmed, and...please share the future 248 dates with us."

We now understand that we need to Simplify and ClarifyHence this week's quote above...

Please continue to share your experiences with us as early adopters of the 248 network in whatever way feels right for you.

We do believe that...


So let's get great things done!

See you soon!

G & L a.k.a 248-HQ