What type of Doer am I?

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Doing Jewish - Being Jewish

What type of Doer am I? Explore and Network

Following up on our doing experience, We can use our experiences from the Sukkah Jam to learn more about ourselves as doers, collaborators, community builders and leaders. We invite you to reflect on the way we work and collaborate.

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Hour 1: Personality Test


Are you more like an explorer or more like an analyst?

Is your style more practical or more imaginative?

Do you value structure and planning or options and flexibility?

  • Go online for 12 minutes to take the test (it’s fun – we’ve tried!) 

  • Explore your results (And if you want - also the rationale and some other personality types)

  • למבחן בעברית לחצו כאן to take the test in English click here 

Then please share with us on Ryver:

  1. What’s your Personality Type?
  2. One thing about this personality type that accurately describes you
  3. One thing about this personality type that doesn’t fit you (or that surprises you)
  4. A tip for Doing that you have for others who share the same personality type as yours

BONUS: Help create a discussion by responding to two others on Ryver!

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 Hour 2: Survey

This week we are asking you to take our online survey.
Survey #2 is designed to help us keep in touch with you about your experiences so far with 248. 
We really appreciate your feedback!

Looking Ahead

We’re giving you the current outline of our annual 248 program: 

Please note:

  1. This is work in progress that will continue to evolve as the year unfolds (e.g. changes WILL happen).
  2. There are several weeks after the Israthon - and two more before the Israthon - that are intended for YOU to envision, develop and implement your community initiative.
  3. The weekly session format is our suggestion – feel free to add local hub meetings together with your coordinator.
  4. Next week (October 27-28) is the Shabbos Project - It’s not too early to check out whether this Global Jewish initiative is happening in your community or nearby, and to make plans for participating!

This week by the Ryver...