Global - 248 Year 2 Launch - Welcome & Orientation

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Doing Jewish - Being Jewish

248 Year 2 Launch



Make sure you download the Zoom app to your phone/tablet/computer

After the session: This week's Disqus

Introduce yourself in an engaging way.

Try and avoid the usual "Who you are, what you do..." instead you can go for "My favourite pass time activity" or "My family always says that I am the best at _____"
Post your answer here below in the Disqus comment area (Named after the platform we are using) and interact with at least two other 248niks (meaning reply to at least 2 other people).
A Fun reply can be: 

  • What’s your name and how did you get it?
  • Which of the people who have the same name as you, would you change identity with? For how long?
  • What makes you feel good?
  • Which animal would you like to be and why?
  • Who’s your doppelganger and who’s your role model?
  • A quote you’d like to share?

Your Sukkah jam idea

Your'e making a Sukkah of ballons?
Hosting your immigrant community or the local police, firefighters, soldiers and veterans?
Or maybe its more of an animal owners Sukkah Jam #BringYourPet?

Share your ideas with us! in the Disqus area at the bottom of the page.
If you see something you like - use the "Vote up" to show your appreciation or reply with some good motivating words.

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Let’s follow up on our breakout room question: Why am I here?

Am I here for myself or for the benefit of somebody or something else?
As research indicates (published by Ashoka), social initiatives started by a person who has a strong personal connection or experience with the cause has a much higher chance to succeed in creating sustainable impact.

In other words, we do best in something we are authentically connected and care about its essence.

Or as our culture’s canonical Pirkey Avot (Hillel the Elder) quote goes: 

“If not me, who? and if not now when? and if I am only for myself who am I?”

Bottom line - here's the Tachles

1. Participate in Tuesday Sep. 4th Zoom call

2. Introduce yourself and engage with others on Disqus

3. Share your idea for the Sukkah Jam