HUB - Plan P2G weekend + Prep for Do-A-Thon

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Doing Jewish - Being Jewish

248 Local Hub Week


With little over a month away until Israel Week, partner communities should start planning how they'd like to spend the weekend together. Another important element of Israel Week is the Doathon, so start thinking of your pitch and gearing up your creative brains!


Good Music

Nissim "Fly Away" ניסים – לעוף (Official Video) 

Great Read

From Good to Great by Jim Collins

"It is the book that made me see the greatness in action and in the power of only a team led by great leaders to succeed in a qualitative in quantitative measures. And it was gifted to me by a dear friend and TEDx collaborator" - Lionel A. Mitelpunkt

A Memorable Quote

"Doing Jewish is Being Jewish"

Charles (Chuck) Ratner, former Jewish Agency Chairman from Cleveland

*Please send us the great things that inspire you and we will share them as time goes on...*

Lionel Mitelpunkt