Israel Week December 12- 18

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Doing Jewish - Being Jewish

248 Year 2 Launch



This week is our first P2G call in which we will introduce ourselves to our partners in '248ing'
(Doing it the 248 way!)

For Session #1 you will need to:

  1. Download the app for both your computer and mobile device(s).

  2. Make sure you have a set of headphones with you.

  3. For those of you having a F2F (Face2Face) meeting please be ready in time.

  4. For those who are joining remote please make sure Zoom works on your device and that you have a solid internet connection. (Please try your best to join our sessions using Video & Audio).


Make sure you download the Zoom app to your phone/tablet/computer

Introduction to Me & We

Let’s ask a sincere question: Why am I here?

Am I here for myself or for the benefit of somebody or something else?
As research indicates (published by Ashoka), social initiatives started by a person who has a strong personal connection or experience with the cause has a much higher chance to succeed in creating sustainable impact.

In other words, we do best in something we are authentically connected and care about its essence.

Or as our culture’s canonical Pirkey Avot (Hillel the Elder) quote goes: 

“If not me, who? and if not now when? and if I am only for myself who am I?”

This week by the Ryver...

Introduce yourself in an engaging way. Not more of just the "Who you are, what you do..."
Then post your answer on Ryver and interact with (comment on 2 other) your new friends posts.
A Fun Introduction: Choose one of the following and ask 2 members of 248 (One from your local community and one from our global network)

Guiding Questions:

  • What’s your name and how did you get it?

  • Which of the people who have the same name as you, would you change identity with? For how long?

  • What makes you feel good?

  • Which animal would you like to be and why?

  • Who’s your doppelganger and who’s your role model?

  • A quote you’d like to share?

Yotseim LaDerech (Embarking on a Journey) Message to Ourselves

We are starting a new journey together, and because of this we would like you to write a short letter addressed to yourself.

Where are you departing from and where would you like to land at the end of this 248 road? What are our expectations and what would you like to share with others?

What personal “prayer” do you recite for yourself? What blessings do you feel will carry you smoothly to the “shore?" Gifts for you: The road to Ithaca  איתקה - עברית

Uri Alon: Why truly innovative science demands a leap into the unknown

A letter? That’s so 80’s! Feel free to record a video, vlog, audio recording and then send it along to us. Is there a technological way to do this while keeping the info discrete? Future Me ( could serve you. Send your letter to the end the program: May 31, 2018


Good Music

Nissim "Fly Away" ניסים – לעוף (Official Video) 

Great Read

From Good to Great by Jim Collins

"It is the book that made me see the greatness in action and in the power of only a team led by great leaders to succeed in a qualitative in quantitative measures. And it was gifted to me by a dear friend who was also my TEDx collaborator" - Lionel A. Mitelpunkt

A Memorable Quote

"Doing Jewish is Being Jewish"

Charles (Chuck) Ratner, former Jewish Agency Chairman from Cleveland

*Please send us the great things that inspire you and we will share them as time goes on...*


Until next week... :)  

**Link to Session 0**