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Doing Jewish - Being Jewish

Why 248? 

Avraham Infeld Provides an Answer. 

As we aspire to build a thriving and resilient network of Jewish Doers, it's important to establish a common language and framework regarding our definition of network.

We use our 'Glocal' perspective to connect between our view of our Am (Global Jewish Nation) and our Kehila (Local Jewish Community).

Avraham Infeld, the great Jewish Doer and Educator shares with us some of his insights on Jewish people and Jewish doing. 

Avraham Infeld Videos

Here are 4 videos made specifically for 248 by Avraham. In these videos he shares with us his view on the Jewish people around the world and why he agrees that Being Jewish is Doing Jewish.

The Four Video Topics are - click, watch & leave your comment:

A special thank you to Ariella & Avi Bernstein and their family for their welcoming hospitality in this special filming.