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The tool of multiplication

Legend has it that NASA invested millions of dollars in developing a "space pen" that would perform well in zero gravity conditions. At the same time Soviet cosmonauts simply used pencils.

Regardless of the fact that we now know this story to be a myth, it provides an important insight into the characteristics of inventive ideas and solutions. It is that most of us prefer simple inexpensive solutions over complicated costly ones. This is also true when we try to come up with new ideas or initiatives. Obviously, we favor ideas that are easy and inexpensive to implement over those that require the introduction of new technologies and heavy investment. All this may sound trivial. Yet the really interesting question is: why do we so often come up with needlessly complex ideas?

Join us on Sunday for a webinar, given by Shiri Yardeni from SIT*, to learn how do we get to the creative concepts / solutions that uses only elements that already exists in an initiative or its immediate environment.

Watch a short clip here below about the simplicity of innovation

* SIT stands for Systematic Inventive Thinking®, which is both the name of a company and a method designed to help organizations achieve their objectives through innovation.


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what existing elements can you multiply in your doing?

how is it different and what are the benefits?