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WITH GUEST SPEAKER: Gideon “Gidi” Grinstein

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Gideon (Gidi) Grinstein is a serial societal entrepreneur and the Founder & President of the Reut Institute, Israel’s leading not-for-profit research, strategy and leadership group, which he established in 2004.

Reut specializes in creating and scaling innovative solutions to some of the most complex challenges facing Israeli society and the Jewish world. Its approach combines unique tools of research, strategy, leadership and innovation in design and technology. In his capacity as President of Reut, Gidi has worked across a range of global and national issues relating to national security, economic development and innovation in design and technology.

Gidi is the author The Flexigidity: The Secret of Jewish Adaptability and the Challenge and Opportunity Facing Israel. The Flexigidity Project explores the secret sauce of Jewish resilience, recurring prosperity and permanent leadership by uniquely applying systems thinking to understanding the Jewish People. It highlights the manner in which the Jewish People blends old and new, innovation and tradition, flexibilities and rigidities into a unique societal whole, which has been evolving for millennia. Gidi envisioned and developed the Flexigidity Project based on his experience as a leader in Israeli government and society and in the Jewish world.

He is particularly proud of his work on the framing and realizing of the ISRAEL 15 Vision, which calls for Israel to become one of the fifteen leading nations in terms of quality of life and inclusive growth; on the future of the relations between the Israel’s state and society and the Jewish and Israeli Diaspora; on the 21 Century Tikkun Olam vision, which calls upon Israel and the Jewish world to be the leading contributors to humanity’s poorest people by improving the lives of a quarter of a billion of the world’s most disadvantaged populations within a decade; on Israel’s national security outlook and on improving Israel’s standing in the world; on the political process with the Palestinians; on propelling Israel’s leadership in the self-manufacturing revolution of 3D printers; on shaping the Birthright Israel program, which is currently the largest nongovernmental project of the Jewish People; and on the reform of Israel’s electoral and government systems.

Prior to founding Reut, Gidi worked on various aspects of Israel’s relations with the Palestinians and served in the Bureau of the Prime Minister as Secretary of the Israeli Delegation for the Camp David negotiations in 2000. He holds the rank of Captain in reserves and served with distinction in the Headquarters of Israel’s Navy. Gidi is a graduate of Tel-Aviv University schools of law and economics and of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government as a Wexner Israel Fellow. He holds a second degree black belt in Karate and now enjoys long-distance running, particularly within a running group he established called ‘The Zatopeks.’ In recent years, he has completed eight official Marathons including marathons in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Tveria and Tel-Aviv. He lives in Tel-Aviv, is married and is the father of five children.

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