Global - Guest Speaker - Yonatan "Jonny" Ariel

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Doing Jewish - Being Jewish

Jewish Peoplehood

with guest speaker:
yonatan "jonny" ariel

It is our honor to have our own "Jonny" Ariel join us for this week's Global session

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Spinning Plates Model

(the “3 C’s”)

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Good Music

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life - from the movie "Life of Brian" by Monty Python

Great Movie

Life of Brian - Monty Python

*Please send us the great things that inspire you and we will share them as time goes on...*


Bottom line - here's the Tachles

What type of Jew are you?

Covenantal? בני ברית

Communitarian? בני משפחה

Cosmopolitarian? בני אדם

Based on your answer, what should the Jewish people DO as a people?

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