Global - What are we Doing?

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Doing Jewish - Being Jewish


As different 248niks are in different stages of their doing, we plan to meet and share what we are doing and what it is all going to look like at our Global Summit at the end of the year.

During the main event of the Global Summit you will get a chance to stand by your own personal poster which is a summary of your experience of the 248 program year.

Here are the posters from last year and at this Global call we’ll start bringing it all together and give you the space to share how you are doing.

And of course get a chance to speak a little about Israel, US, Poland, Hungary and our partnership as Jewish people who do Jewishly!



Good Music

הדג נחש - מה שבא בא // Hadag Nahash - Whatever Happens, Happens

Quote Of The Week: 

“There is a crack in everything that is how light comes in” - Leonard Cohen


Breakout Rooms



1.     What is currently the main challenge in my initiative?

2.     Where do I need to put my focus?

3.     In what area do I know how to figure things out on my own?

4.     What help do I need to ask for from my friends?

5.     What are the next 3 tasks I need to take in my initiative?

 ?מה הדבר שמאתגר אותי היום ביזמות שלי

היכן אני זקוק לדיוק

היכן אני יודע להסתדר לבד

?מה אני מבקש מהחברים

?מה הם ה3 משימות הבאות שאני צריך לעשות ביוזמה שלי