248 Program Pillars




Doing means taking action. Practicing what we preach. Putting who we are and what we believe in into action. Turning ideas into reality.

The heart is revealed in the deed.  -Avraham Joshua Heschel



A noun and also a verb. To network is to be human. The networks we belong to define who we are. We extend our sphere of influence when we network with others. To be Jewish means being able to tap into one of the world’s most ancient, resilient and innovative networks. Network carries the potential for making the world a better place.  




Glocal (Global+Local) is a sense of belonging both to a local community as well as to a global people. Glocal is a mindset that takes into account the relevance for one’s local community as well as the potential for other communities around the globe.



One way to define which generation we belong to.  Technology is shaping human interaction in unprecedented ways. It enables us to network with more people more rapidly than ever before. It enables us to befriend people near and far and to build virtual communities around common interests. At the same time, we are growing more aware of its downsides and challenges. Virtual friends are not the same as real friends, and virtual communities are not the same as real communities.




We all wish to lead a meaningful life. Self development draws upon our willingness to grow, and on our ability to reflect on experience, to accept feedback from others, to develop positive habits and to let go of harmful ones.

“Change begins from within.”

Jewish Peoplehood


An informed and active belonging to the Jewish People. An appreciation of Jewish existence that transcends religion and ethnicity. A sense of belonging that draws upon shared memory, culture, heritage, traditions, and narratives.