The 248 Experience


The 248 program consists of Israeli and overseas Jewish professionals aged 24-48 who hold the potential of becoming the next generation of civic leaders in their communities. 248 participants are community orientated, have an entrepreneurial skill set, experience in developing social initiatives, and an open mind.

The year-long program explores the big issues faced by world Jewry today and offers the opportunity to pool creative resources in order to develop solutions to communal challenges of the Jewish polity. During the implementation phase, 248 participants will receive mentoring and network support for carrying out initiatives locally. The program culminates in an annual global summit in North America. 

Our weekly 248 interactions occur in one of five formats:

  • Solo: Digest the weekly input of material and inspiration then upload your reactions at your own convenience – from laptop or mobile, home or coffee shop, at 1 pm or 1 am.

  • Local Hub: Team up with your buddy Doers and your local coordinator to discuss big issues, to develop your ideas, and to provide feedback and support.

  • P2G: Get online with your overseas Partnership 248niks to refine your ideas in a P2G context.

  • Cohort: Participate in interactive webinars with renown Jewish educators, visionaries, innovators, and ideation experts.

  • Network: Join with the evolving 248 global community, including cohorts from previous years, for special occasions and events.


248 Program Overview 


Discover the Why: Why 248 and the 6 Pillars

Put on your Global Goggles to explore Jewish Peoplehood and The Big Issues of the Jewish People

Experiment with New Tools & Technologies for Carrying the Network Discussion

Initiatives That Have Gone Global: Examine Case Studies


Identify Your Passion for Doing

Identify Your Target Audience/Customers

Identify an Idea You Want to Develop

React to the Passions and Ideas of Other 248niks

Team Up: Determine Who Else You Want to Work With


Develop Your Idea

Define Your Idea’s Added Value

Push it Further With Innovation Tools

Make an Action Plan for Implementation


Acquire Additional Tools for Implementation

Implement Your Action Plan

Team Sharing and Learning

Practice Telling Your Story

Explore Additional Case Studies


Celebrate Success

Share Lessons Learned

Look Ahead: From Program to Network


Congratulations! You’ve graduated the 248 Annual Program. Join us now in shaping the ideation, innovation, and conversation in the 248 Network, where Jewish Doers from around the world bring their minds, hearts and hands together to make the world a better place.